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Combatting Fear

Fear is real. We all face it. It sneaks up on us suddenly, debilitating us. It builds slowly as we ponder what is happening around us. In our lives. In the world. Fear keeps us from meeting people. Of trying new things. From stepping out in obedience and answering the call of God in our lives. Its objective is always the same regardless of the tactic: fear’s goal is to immobilize us. Render us ineffective. Keep us from our destiny.

It’s not a new tactic. Satan has used fear from the beginning of time. In Numbers ten, Moses had sent ten spies into a land that God had promised to give them. It was a magnificent land, but there were giants dwelling there and the cities were fortified. Instead of believing that God would go with them and fight the battle. They saw themselves as grasshoppers, small and incapable. They chose fear. God considered it rebellion and instead of possessing it, they wandered for forty years.

Jesus told a parable of a man who was going on a long journey and entrusted money to his servants, according to the ability he saw in them. Two, put what they were given to work. One servant acted in fear and hid his talent. When the owner returned, he commended the two who had used what they were given, but reprimanded and punished the servant who acted in fear and didn’t use his gift. The servant feared his ability and the owner’s expectations, but his master said that he would have been pleased if the servant had simply earned interest.

There are also many incredible stories in the Bible about people who did not act out of fear, but chose obedience and were greatly rewarded. Daniel and the three Hebrew children were prisoners of war. Young men taken captive from their homeland and groomed to serve in their conqueror's court. They chose to honor God instead of allowing fear to rule. They did not eat the king’s food and found favor. They did not bow and were exalted to places of leadership.

How can we overcome fear and live an abundant life during this pandemic? The Bible tells us to be transformed by renewing our mind. Think about things that are good. Remember what He has done for us and others in the past. Find promises in the scripture that deal with our specific fear and meditate on them. Set our affection on Jesus, keep our focus on Him, not what is happening in our world.

We have choices every day. Will we look around us at the circumstances or will we put our hope in God? Will we trust Him? He loves us and wants the best for us. It’s His desire to give us hope and a future. Choose to believe God. Choose to obey Him. Choose His word over fear.


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