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How To Fight Distractions

We live in a world of constant distraction. Streaming platforms, social media outlets, Tik Tok and Youtube are all vying for our attention in an in-your-face approach and, for all of us, it is highly effective. What usually suffers from this distraction is our relationship with God. The real question is: how do we keep the fire burning in our connection with God? Here are some tips to help us fight the constant battle of distraction in our lives.

  1. SHUT IT DOWN - The temptation to jump on our phones and get sucked into the ether can often be an immense challenge. Being proactive and intentional in disconnecting from devices can allow our minds to rewire and focus on spending time with Christ. Leave your phone at home and go for a walk or run for 15 minutes. Spend this time praying, conversing or singing praises to the God of the universe. He’s a bigger viral star than PewDiePie.

  2. IF YOU CAN’T BEAT EM, JOIN EM - For some of us, our phones are intertwined in our lives so disconnecting cold-turkey could prove a challenge. So why not use your phone to strengthen your understanding of God. There are countless Bible apps, podcasts, Youtube channels, devotionals and even Bible trivia that can center our brains on “things above” (Col. 3:2) rather than frivolities.

  3. MAKE A PLAN - While using apps and devices to engage with God is great in theory, putting it into practice doesn’t work if you don’t have a plan. Set up some goals and routines even if you don’t feel like doing them. Plan on reading or listening to a chapter from the Bible each day, listening to a podcast or sermon 2-3 times a week while walking, riding your bike or commuting. Choose specific times when you will do specific activities and treat it like a job.

These are just some ideas to help us ignite our passion and faith for God in a digitally distracted culture. We all are unique in how God created us so find ways to prioritize your time with our Heavenly Father. Use these tips or find ways to connect using your own ideas. The point is to make the effort, be intentional and show God He takes priority over Netflix, Instagram stories and Among Us.


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