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Missionaries That Don't Travel

The Amazon jungles, rural Africa villages and the Himalayan mountains in Asia are just some of the places that come to mind when the word missionary is mentioned. When you think missionary, you probably think of travel. Yet, traveling is now more complex than it used to be. Covid has made travel a lot more difficult and in some situations, not even possible. Is your desire to be a missionary hindered by the restrictions preventing you from getting on a plane? No. Even though the ability to travel may have been taken away, God has still given you the opportunity to be a missionary and reach the world.

There is a place that you can still access today that has the potential to impact millions of lives for Christ. It is called the Internet. While the internet can often be seen as a place filled with negative and harmful social media, it is one of the biggest potential platforms for the Gospel. All you have to do is walk into a room of people and count how many people are on their phones to see that most of the world lives online. Much of people’s time every day is spent scrolling through Instagram reels and watching TikTok videos.

If you took your social media accounts and used them as a missionary platform, how many lives would be impacted? What if you shared the Gospel online and it went viral? What if you were to pray for healing over people on live social media? All it takes for you to share the Gospel with the world is making a post, a short video or a reel of how Jesus changed your life and posting. Most of us are making social media content anyways. Why not use it to share the Gospel?

There is so much space for creativity in deciding how to share the Gospel online. Between videos, pictures, stories, blogs, and live-streaming, you can find a medium that fits what you love doing and use that thing to share Christ with the world. You don’t have to go across the world on a plane. You can reach the other side of the planet just by opening an app and creating a post.

You have the opportunity to bring the hope of the Gospel to the very place where nearly everyone in the world is spending their time. God is able to encounter someone through your TikTok account, your blog or your Instagram if you are willing to use them for His glory.

When you find yourself frustrated or disappointed that you can’t get on a plane, remember God has given you a powerful platform to touch the world. Grab your phone and use the tool of the internet for His glory. Your life online can touch nations and it can radically change someone’s life.


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